Disturbed Friend


My friend is super religious. She’s fasting so that she could get better grades. She thinks that it really works. She’s the one who’s pulling all-nighters and studies till the break of dawn. Yet, she still thinks that she won’t receive good grades if she won’t fast. The thing that she’s fasting is her computer usage. She won’t do anything that involves using a computer. She won’t turn it on, update her social network and stuff. Sure, maybe you’d get good grades for not touching your computer. But the things is, thinking that good grades is a divine manifestation for not opening your Facebook account? Is God like stalking you on Facebook now or following you on Twitter? I can’t do anything against it. I mean, free will anyone? It still baffles and disturbs me though. It’s not because of my atheism that it bothers me, my common sense comes into play. My only question is; if God loves you, why do you need to say no to the things that you like?

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  1. Well, you never know. Sometimes theists don’t trust their god that much. Look at Abe, he was told he will be the father of a nation and went banging the maid just in case god doesn’t come through.

    Keeping of the computer for sometime can be good though. Social networks take a lot of time, so if she is reading then it is all fine but praying is as good as being on facebook, no benefit.

  2. I agree that computer and especially the social networks like Facebook could consume lots of your precious time. I almost ruined my wedding because being a moderator in a social forum, but I was smart enough to see what was happening and to nail my mistake. The thing that I find absurd and have nothing logical is what God has to do with all of this?

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