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Goodbye 2013!


Wow, 2013.

Where do I start?

This 2013, I learned a lot. I learned that I still get to live a year more than the Mayan calendar said so. I learned that you can’t really tell which friends are good with the years that you’ve known each other. And last but not the least, you shouldn’t rush love.

This year, I transferred to a new school, met new friends and ended some old friendships. It was a whirlwind. One thing that I learned this year (emphasis on the learned), is that I easily judge people. I’m trying not to but my subconscious tells me, “Judge Clau. Judge the hell out of that person.” I guess I should include that in my brand-spanking-New Year’s resolution. No more judging for me (Pfft, like I could do that.)

I’ve had a lot of FLIRTationships this year. Yep, I’m a flirt. Now, I’m admitting it out in the open. I need to stop being a flirt though to keep myself out of trouble. I’ve never really got into trouble with it but as they all say prevention is better than cure. And add the fact that I think I’m gay (emphasis on the think). Well, I’m still on my way to self-discovery.

I don’t really know what’s in store for me this new year but I hope it wouldn’t be as dramatic as 2013. Yes 2013, I shed a million of tears for you. I just want a drama-free 2014 for me. And world peace. 🙂