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People think I’m fake. I do things the way I do it. I don’t know how to be anything else but they think that I am fake. It’s the way I am. It’s not fake to me. It hurts me when they say that. Should I change for other people? To make my personality more agreeable to them? But that’s just lying to myself. I’m confused.




Dear Ms. User-friendly,

I really hate you. I know it’s wrong to judge since I just met you last week but couldn’t you get anymore faker? You only talk to me when you need something. I really tried to befriend you. I really did. I know I can’t force anyone to like me but the same goes to you as well. Just because you “think” you’re popular doesn’t mean everyone likes you. If you want an example, there’s always me. I know you dislike my friend, for reasons I do not know and I don’t care, but why include me? I don’t even talk to my friends about you cause I don’t want to start a fight. A lot of people say my personality is intimidating but I don’t think it affects you at all. It’s so obvious that you talk behind my back. I don’t care if I’m new to the school but the next time you try to mooch off me, you’re going to experience my wrath.

A furious iamakickedoutgorl