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It always amazes me how people perceive me as a blunt person. That I always tell them the truth, what I think about them or how I think about everything else. Most of the time I say it without thinking about the consequences of the words that I have spoken. Words hurt and I have hurt a lot of people using it.

I’m an honest person. At least, I think so. Some people hate me for it. I guess, people hear what they want to hear.  But it never hinders me to state my opinion. I always think that a person needs to have that one friend who’ll tell them the truth without thinking that it may hurt them. It’s always good to tell a person that they look fat with the clothes that they are trying on, that way they can buy something else.

I think one of my biggest faults is I never filter what I say. Some might find it good, but I find it bad. I have lost a lot of friends due to my inability to shut my mouth. I just need to learn to talk when it’s appropriate and I’ll be a little but prepared for the real world.