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Last week a girl from my high school killed herself. Suicide, a strong word. A big taboo. She didn’t leave any suicide note and now everyone’s pointing fingers who is to blame for her untimely demise. They keep on talking about academic pressure being the main culprit but it wasn’t only yesterday that the real reason came out, breast cancer. A girl of 15 WAS suffering from breast cancer for two years and nobody knew except her parents. Breast cancer stage 2. She went to school everyday like it wasn’t taking a toll on her body. She killed herself to relieve her parents from the financial burden that they will have to shoulder due to her treatments.

The way she chose to die was painful though. It really was. She placed a towel inside her mouth and wrapped her head tightly with a plastic bag. She died of suffocation. The suffering she must have felt a few minutes before she had died. The human instinct of wanting to breath. The human instinct of wanting to survive. Gone.

I wish I took the time to know her, really know her. I guess that’s what most people thought about after someone dies, regrets. Regret of having not done enough. I wish she would’ve said something or maybe the people around her should’ve noticed.